I'm trying to get WKT or GeoJson polygons of cities and countries from Nominatim (for example, Paris and France). I send a GET request but it returns me several results named "Paris" or "France". How may I narrow results only to a capital and a country. Here's my request url:


And I get an array of 10 objects where only one is the capital:

class: "boundary", type: "administrative".

The rest are:

class: "place", type: "isolated_dwelling"
class: "place", type: "hamlet",
class: "place", type: "neighbourhood"
and so on...

How to select only the desired city and only the desired country ignoring rest of results with the same name?


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As you seem to try to getting bulk data, you are encouraged to append the email=... param to avoid beein blocked.
You can use various place=* tags to prefilter your results or even limit your result.

As Nominatim isn't build as a data provider, you might use to get the boundary polygons here:

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