So currently I have a map that has some plane data. There is a setInterval function that updates the plane data every 5 seconds, making the plane move from point to point. That is working well.

function planeInterval() {
    setInterval(function() {planeMovement()}, 5000);
    //this is currently working

function planeMovement() {
    //do some stuff to make the plane move around
    //this is currently working


Now, I would like to set up a checkbox or some sort of toggle to:

-toggle on: as the plane moves across the map, the map MOVES as the plane moves

-toggle off: the plane just does what it usually does: moves across the map while the map stays stagnant.

I was looking into OL panTo but I don't think that's the answer here. What would be the best/most simple approach in achieving this?


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Set the center of the map to the airplane position after it has refreshed.

OpenLayers setCenter

  • Right right, of course I made it more complicated/overthought it. Thanks for the reply, it worked.
    – Nubtacular
    Nov 8, 2013 at 22:34

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