I am new to OpenLayers. I am trying to insert wfs feature information to my map after drawing like this.
I can draw a WFS feature like (polygon, line, point) on map and after drawing the feature complete I can insert attribute information of feature (like polygon name, area, etc) into permanently. That is after refresh the map the feature (polygon) visible on the map and on click on the feature (polygon) the feature attribute information is display by popup.
I have done drawing feature on the map by finding the some demo on Google.
But I do not understand how to store the feature attribute. Currently I am using Geoserver and shapefile on Geoserver for layer and fetching this shapefile as layer in open layer by WFS service of Geoserver.

Now my question is:

How to store feature attribute by using Shapefile or Database (PostgresSQL)? If we use shapefile as WFS layer then, it is possible to store feature attribute after drawing the feature in shapefile by fetching it from Geoserver in OpenLayers.


For storing the feature attribute we should use Database (PostgresSQL)? I am totally new to OpenLayers. I don’t know which way is better. I want that I am able to draw feature on OpenLayers map and I can insert attribute information of feature by popup and save this feature on the map.

My website Url is: http://mindcrewgis.com/


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Try this example, this is the advance OpenLayer tutorial



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