I need to convert LASD (ESRI LAS Dataset) to ASCII text file. I've export the data to point feature class (LAS to Multipoint), converted multipart to single part and calculate X Y and Z.My first question is - How do I add the LiDAR Intensity attribute to the point feature class ? My Second question Is There a better way to convert LASD to ASCII ? i tried the tool las2txt at LasTools but I still looking for an answer for my first question


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Try las2txt in the libLAS library.

las2txt allows you to output ASRPS LAS files into ASCII text.


$ las2txt -i lidar.las -o lidar.txt -parse xyz

converts LAS file to ASCII and places the x, y, and z coordinate of each point at the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd entry of each line. the entries are separated by a space.

There is also the Feature Class Z to ASCII tool under 3D Analyst-Conversion, but since you have the LAS files it would probably be easier to use las2txt.

  • Thanks blah for your contribution, I've updated my question, I'm looking for way using ArcMap only Nov 10, 2013 at 11:34

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