I have a problem with ArcMap that somehow affect georeferencing.

So I have three layers, two with .lyr and one is a raster data.

The two .lyr datatypes are a border and cities with names. I georeferenced the raster using the border and the cities and everything went well. But what I wanna do now is to combine the two .lyr datasets with my raster so I can export the Raster with the overlayed border and the cities as a pdf.

Is that even possible???

I already tried dissolve, merge, package etc. but none of them seems to work. I would be really grateful if someone could help me with it or at least let me know that it's not possible so I don't need to waste any more time on this topic.


This should be straightforward to do. Make sure that your raster and vector layers are drawing in ArcMap and then use File | Export Map with PDF as your output format.

  • OMG that was so easy that I almost feel embarassed now :P . Anyway thank u so much for your help PolyGeo – Daniel Nov 12 '13 at 13:21

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