I'm trying to open an .xlswith QGIS 1.8 in a Mac, I'm loading the vector layer from Add new vector layeretc. etc. the procedure works in Windows but not in Mac where I have an error Invalid source file. Where is the problem?

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You can use the XY Tools QGIS plugin to load .XLS files just fine on the Mac. You do, however, need to install some required Python libraries.

Open a Terminal window and enter:

sudo easy_install xlrd

You'll need to give your admin password, then the xlrd Python library will install. Then:

sudo easy_install xlwt

You can then open an XLS file (but not XLSX it seems) as a point file.

Tested working on Mac OS X 10.8.5, QGIS 2.0.


Sounds like a missing library. One workaround would be to open the file in another spreadsheet program like LibreOffice's Calc and save it as a csv or tab delimited text file. Here's the installation steps for the Mac version of LibreOffice:


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