I was wondering if there is a way I can code the TOC control so that I can select multiple layers and GROUP them together. So if i uncheck the group, all layers will be unchecked and be invisible.

Thanks and Regards, Kevin


You probably need to do some coding, because I haven't seen anything similar to the ArcMap Group context menuitem in engine.

But you should be able to do this with a group layer.

One way would be to create a group layer and add the layers in the group layer instead of the map and add the group layer to the map. Don't forget to fire the ContentsChanged() on the Active View otherwise the Toc will not be refreshed and PartialRefresh(esriViewAll,Nothing,Nothing) to update the map.

An other way would be to move the layers to the newly created group layer, see the question rearrange layers. To find out the layers that get clicked you need to use the HitTest, check out the context menu sample on how to use hit testing.

  • Thanks, I'll give that group layer a try, i notice there is a "Group Layer" class in Engine too, but i didn't try because I can't get Engine 10 to support Multiple Selection in TOC, I don't think its supported, but i'll give that a try. – Kev84 Mar 28 '11 at 14:02

Here is an ArcObjects example of how to turn on and off a group layer via the TOC ("pGroupLayer.Visible = True ").

        pMap = m_Mxdoc.FocusMap

        Dim pContentsView As IContentsView
        pContentsView = m_Mxdoc.CurrentContentsView

        For i = 0 To pMap.LayerCount - 1
            If pMap.Layer(i).Name = "My Layer" Then
                pLayer = pMap.Layer(i)
                If TypeOf pLayer Is IGroupLayer Then
                    pGroupLayer = pLayer
                    pContentsView.SelectedItem = pLayer
                    pGroupLayer.Visible = True


                End If
            End If
        Next i

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