This page is not showing my map tiles properly when you first go to the page.


If I resize the window it centers and distributes the tiles properly.

How can I make sure it tiles and refreshes correctly when the page first opens?

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I found out what was causing the problem. Jquery document.ready() was interfering with pageinit() in the body onload="pageinit();" call.

Delaying the map load by one frame makes the difference as suggested by this post: https://groups.google.com/d/msg/leaflet-js/KVm6OvaOU3o/rflFy7bG8DkJ

(Having trouble making code show correctly in this venue. Please bear with me.

final code [

$(document).on('pageinit', '#map-page', function(){
setTimeout(function(){ // set up the map to resize one frame after document.ready()

[ various map calls ]

    map.invalidateSize(); // refresh
}, 1); 



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