I try to make such kind of map: http://www.plotbrowser.com/search.cgi but first, I can´t see, where they saved the coordinates and the text. If you look to the sources, there are no coordinates or otehr datas. I expected that. But they must be anywhere downloaded, because I can click (already visible/downloaded) popUps and get new content even when the internet-connecition is blocked (for sure, offline I can´t drag the map ...).

A good lesson to start is http://leafletjs.com/reference.html#draggable ?? or other?

I'm working with wampp.

Thanx for tips, user j

  • You should open developer tool in your browser (or get firebug) and check the network tab, you'll see it's an AJAX call. Nov 20, 2013 at 6:35

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Source of the Leaflet Map is found in leafletembed.js. It's using AJAX calls and LatLongBounds to get the JSON. I would suggest taking time to look over the Leaflet Docs. Hope this helps.


You need an ajax call to fetch the coordinates and data from your database and place marker on to the map.

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