My problem is loading view table from Postgres.

Here is my view table:

SELECT h1.gid, h1.st_buffer
   FROM vmo_buffer_2m h1
   LEFT JOIN vodomjeri h2 ON st_intersects(h1.st_buffer, h2.geom)
  WHERE h2.gid IS NULL;

and that works normally in qgis.

When change last row with: WHERE h2.gid IS NOT NULL; I can see sql query normally with results in pgAdmin, but adding this view table in qgis show error: (st_buffer) sql= is an invalid layer and cannot be loaded.


Hi LEFT JOIN may creates doubles, and gid must be unique for QGIS to handle it as a valid layer. Could you try with a LEFT OUTER JOIN? Régis

  • When add LEFT OUTER JOIN it alwaws show LEFT JOIN (automatic add from postgre). Cant write OUOTER...
    – brunci
    Nov 18 '13 at 11:44

It could by a problem in rows where vodomjeri's gid is not null. Probably it will by a problem with geometries. Could you test validity of geometry by *ST_IsValid* Postgis function. It could be a reason why result of st_intersects is invalid for QGIS.

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