Is there a way, or plugin, to visualize a 3D polygon layer stack in QGIS?

I have looked at NViz, but it only seems to work for rasters.

I have a building floor plan with Z info for each floor. In ArcScene you can import the data and it will "stack" the layers in the Z axis. I am hoping to be able to complete this in something other than Esri.

3D Polygon Layer Stack


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This is not as easy as with ArcGIS but you can use;

  • Nviz from the GRASS plugin (cf. Micha comment) but you need to know GRASS GIS (look at the illustrations in GRASS-Wiki: Vector 3D polygons indicated by Micha).

Some geological examples:

enter image description here

2 polygonZ layers and a raster (2D) draped over DEM (3D)

enter image description here

extruded volume from the two layers

enter image description here

Boreholes extruded from circular PolygonZ features (tubes) and a PolygonZ layer (red)

enter image description here

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