I am trying to get into Utility GIS and I have been asked by my boss to size up the effort of what it takes to clean up Pipeline, Utility asset GIS data and figure out if there is a way think of a factor like a per linear mile man days of effort.

The data is in the form of ESRI File G Geodatabase.

Typical clean up related tasks I have are : 1. Data consistency by using domains (Manual Effort) - Per Record Multiplier 2. Topology checks (ArcToolbox) Per Featureclass Multiplier 3. CAD to GIS conversion (Per Feature Class Multiplier) 4. Visual QCs

Can the hive mind suggest any other tasks typically for cleaning pipeline data and any assessment of what you would think of a man-day multiplier.

Appreciate the help!


Have you looked at the ArcGIS Data Reviewer extension? It has lots of great tools that aren't in core ArcGIS. There is also a Data Reviewer for Water Utilities.

  • +1 I was not aware of the Data Reviewer for Water Utilities – PolyGeo Nov 21 '13 at 5:09

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