I'm trying to create a 3d DEM/DTM from a flat contour shapefile which has height data attached to each contour, but I'm not sure how to do this?

I've found this post, on creating a dem from contours using the Topo to Raster tool, (using the ANUDEM technology,) which looks great: [see: creating a dem from contours] but I don't have a Spatial Analyst licence, so wondering if there is another way to do this, using a standard ArcView licence (version 9.2)?

I'm currently investigating QGIS as an alternative, [via this process: How to generate a DEM from a contour Shapefile?] though I've only just downloaded QGIS, so while I'm a GIS newbie I am SLIGHTLY more familiar with Arc!

Any alternatives, help, or tips would be much appreciated!


Most likely out of luck with ArcGIS without (Spatial Analyst or 3D Analyst licenses) Licensing for ArcGIS can range from a few extra dollars to many thousands.

For Creating DEM using QGIS use the GRASS tools - more info is available here from the GIS-SE question.

How to generate a DEM from a contour Shapefile?

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