The operation I want to perform is the Add join in ArcMap 10.0. It works perfectly when done with one file but I need to do it with a few hundreds tables.

What I have is ONE shapefile with divisions, and multiple tables for different years/species. For each table I want to add join to the shapefile and save the result.

I am trying to use model builder and the problem I have is that in the "layer name or table view" input it doesn't let me pick a shapefile unless it's loaded in the workspace. Also when I use the "copy features" to save the result of the add join to disk, it messes up the column names of the new shapefile. I also don't want to use the Join Field because it doesn't have the option Keep All that Add Join has.

Does anybody have a solution for this? I can try in Python or R if it's needed. I am adding links to the two files table shapefile Thanks


Right click on the "Add Join" tool, the batch option should be available. Might take some time to set up for hundreds of records.

  • I see that, I will have to try but I am doing more than 300 join I am not sure it's feasible. – Herman Toothrot Dec 3 '13 at 15:58

ok for the record I found a solution. I loaded the division shape file that makes up the zone in the workspace, then i did a join with one of the existing tables and I added "remove join". That solved the issue for some reason. So I iterated through the tables in a folder and then saved the output as a shapefile.

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