How can I convert a WKT string to a WKB byte[] in Java using PostGIS functions? I need to save that WKT string in a PostGIS database (geometry column.

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says that you can convert it like that in both ways:

bytea WKB = ST_AsBinary(geometry);
text WKT = ST_AsText(geometry);
geometry = ST_GeomFromWKB(bytea WKB, SRID);
geometry = ST_GeometryFromText(text WKT, SRID);
  • You want the last of these, just use ST_GeometryFromText and let the database handle the text to binary conversion for you implicitly. Commented Dec 4, 2013 at 19:23

If you need to save WKT in geometry column, you can do this in pure SQL using ST_GeomFromText function. Look at the docs to see the possible options.

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