I have been drawing route till now using DirectionService. But now my current requirement is to draw a route on air.I did some research and found this link which helps us to draw curved polylines between two markers. But how do we make sure that this can be the exact flight route between two markers?. Completely Blank. What i want to do is something like this...Is there any good example to start with for drawing routes between two airports and animating a flight between the markers...Any help will be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    Flight Routes are planned, but still are generalized in terms of the their real path due to weather, visibility, wind direction changes so you would have to track them in real-time. – Mapperz Dec 5 '13 at 15:19

This is a tough one. Flightradar is a commercial product designed to track aircraft data via ADS-B signals. There is another company on the market, FlightAware, which grants access to its real-time data via an API. Sadly, it's a commercial product, so if you have no budget, your best chance is to use an existing flight path database.

You can download an airroute shapefile from OpenFlights and use its features as the flight path. You have to convert it to KML before, if you use Google Maps API. Sadly, it will be an estimated path, like @Mapperz pointed out, but I guess it's better than a curved line between two points.


I found an working example to draw a route between two markers in Google Maps API, please visit http://www.etechpulse.com/2013/09/draw-interactive-polyline-path-from.html

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