What are sources where I can learn how to use GeoServer?

I know of these two sites:

But I am interested in more complex information, and not to read only documentation.


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I have some notes and tutorials on setting GeoServer up and building web mapping apps at http://ian01.geog.psu.edu.

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Although it is a 'quickstart' and may not qualify as more complex information, I found this quite thorough and useful, it uses the geoserver installation on the osgeolive image/bootable disk. I use the virtual machine with the free VMware Player:



I found this is also a good one: https://khayer.wordpress.com/category/gis/openlayer/, which talks about how to integrate Openlayers with Geoserver


If you want to learn with video and example , here is the nice link to learn. Here it has been shown that how to publish shape files(point,line and polygon) to geoserver.



Books on packtpub.com:

  1. GeoServer Beginner’s Guide https://www.packtpub.com/hardware-and-creative/geoserver-beginner's-guide

  2. GeoServer Cookbook https://www.packtpub.com/hardware-and-creative/geoserver-cookbook

  3. Mastering GeoServer https://www.packtpub.com/networking-and-servers/mastering-geoserver

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