Is it possible to force the Silverlight Navigation control to stick to the zoom levels associated with a particular tiled map service? The map tiles don't look very good when the images are being stretched by Silverlight to a zoom level they were not intended for. Labels are hard to read, etc.

This doesn't look so good:

enter image description here

This is a little better:

enter image description here

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I think you're looking for the SnapToLevels property of the Map control.

SnapToLevels is off by default and will allow you to zoom to any ESRI.ArcGIS.Client.Map.Resolution. Tiled layers will automatically interpolate images when displaying layers at resolutions in between levels.



In ArcEngine there's something called DetailsThreshold, if you set it to 0, it will always retrieve the lower zoom level tiles, maybe there's a similar for Silverlight.

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