I am a web programmer with no GIS experience and I am working with a GIS specialist with no web service experience. I am using the JavaScript API 3.7 but I am not very familiar with the API.

I have a select list containing unique identifiers for line segments within a layer. I can currently zoom to the location of the segment on change of the select but I would also like to highlight the selected segment on the map. I have set up a executeIdentifyTask on click of the map. I am not sure if I should call the click method and pass it the coordinates of the segment or if there is a different identify method that I should be using instead.


You need to create a graphic. If you are already zooming to the feature you should have the feature's geometry. A basic graphic consists of a geometry and a symbol but can also include attributes and an infoTemplate. It might look like the following:

require (['esri/graphic','dojo/_base/Color'], function addGraphic(geometry)
    //assuming your 'segments' are polylines
    var graphic;

    if(geometry.type === 'polyline')
            var sls= new SimpleLineSymbol('STYLE_SOLID', new Color([255,0,0]), 2);
            graphic = new Graphic(geometry, sls);


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