I am trying to develop a standalone application using pyqgis but I have no clue on where to start and where to write the code to make it happen so if anyone can provide me a tutorial to getting started, it'll be a huge benefit for me. Thanks.


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The best resource for this is the official documentation in the pyqgis cookbook

Also a very useful resource is the API documentation although aimed at C++ code and therefore not always applicable just like that it is very good for finding hints.

You can also search for existing python plugins and have a look at how they solved similar problems.

  • main problem im having is i cant find any step by step tutorial for beginers so that i can follow that at the initial stage and then i can use these resources to continue my project
    – himanka
    Dec 11, 2013 at 16:22

This guide is still generally applicable, even though it is written for the 1.x API: http://geospatialdesktop.com/2009/02/creating_a_standalone_gis_application_1/

The upcoming PyQGIS Programmers Guide has an entire chapter on creating a standalone application with QGIS 2.x: http://locatepress.com/ppg

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