The best way to describe this without knowing Python or VB jargon is to add these screenshots. I would like to emulate this Excel calculation in ArcMap10.1. MEAS is the distance along my route and ET_Z is the elevation at the route vertex. I just need the difference from the next point down the line from the previous one.

Excel calculation

I'm not sure the best approach to this, but figured that there may be simple Python solution for this. Thanks in advance!


If you want to answer this without code but in model builder then a solution is on the ESRI forum site here.

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  • Thanks! I was able to use the model to suit my needs and it worked perfectly! I tested it with 2 datasets. The first contained 377 records which took 76 seconds. The second dataset contained 11,500 records and it took 2 hours. This is perfect for smaller datasets. Email me if you would like to have the model... – JayB Dec 12 '13 at 18:02

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