I have a task I would like to solve with GRASS GIS 7, if somehow possible. I want to create a cross section from a landslide - and would like to calculate the area of that cross section/profile. Any way to do this easily without using ArcGIS?

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If I understood the question right, take a look at r3.cross.rast which creates cross section 2D raster map from 3D raster map based on 2D elevation map. From that 2D map you can generate the area report.

  • Markus, many thanks! Yes, I believe this function would enable me to do this. I have solved the issue for now with a spreatsheet that calculates the area from the cross section, but r3.cross.rast would be a better solution. Best, Peter
    – Peter
    Dec 19, 2013 at 9:23

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