The output from my landscaping modeling program is simply way too big to be rendered by Paraview. So I am wondering is there anyway that I can import it into ArcMap. The data is divided into several files, with one .nodeinfo file which contains x-y coordinates and other files contain data but in the same order. I can re-arrange them into a |x|y|value| format from Matlab, but I don't know how can I import this into ArcMap.

This is just like the reverse version of "Export Feature Attribute to ASCII" function in ArcMap.


add the data as txt or csv.
then right click and "display xy"


You can Format you data as CSV file then import them through Qgis, then export layer as Shapefile using Save as a SHAPEFILE, then add the shapefile to Arcmap.

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    you can do the same in arcmap
    – Brad Nesom
    Dec 13 '13 at 19:14

If you have Line or Polygon data, ArcMap Add XY Data will not work. However, there is a free tool from ESRI, Create Features From Text File. sample tools. You can find the text file formatting online, search ArcGIS 9.2 help.


This topic explain table formats that ArcMap can read.

enter image description here

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