I just started creating a very simple mobile GIS app using ArcGIS JavaScript API, and I am experiencing a very peculiar issue.

When the app loads, the basemap is white (not visible) until you use the zoom control. After that, the app works except for the BasemapToggle control. I was using another similar post as a template to add a custom basemap to the BasemapToggle control seen here:

How to Use Custom Basemaps with BasemapToggle widget?

There are no errors reporting, so I am not sure what is causing both the fault basemap load and the BasemapToggle issue.

Has anyone else experienced this and have information on resolving the issue?

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Change the value you're passing for basemap in the BasemapToggle constructor from:

basemap: 'Local',


basemap: 'local'

(i.e. a lowercase 'L'). Then it'll render right off the bat. I think the value has to match exactly with the thing you put into esriConfig.defaults.map.basemaps.


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