I'm currently using Leaflet along with leaflet.fullscreen to provide a full screen map.

I've got it working nicely with the button but I can't work out how to "call" the function manually from my JavaScript code.

I've tried: map.fullscreenControl.toogleFullScreen(); but get the following error and a "broken" fullscreen:

TypeError: this.invalidateSize is not a function
  • Typo?? map.fullscreenControl.**toggleFullScreen**(); – Vic Mar 25 '19 at 11:33

You could trigger a click on its fullscreen button. For example with jQuery:

  • Recent Browsers won't let you do that. IE: Chrome would say: "Failed to execute 'requestFullscreen' on 'Element': API can only be initiated by a user gesture." – augusto Mar 20 '20 at 20:42

With no answers and still struggling I switched to a different plugin Leaflet.fullscreen .

It seems a lot more straightforward, however I did need to tweek the CSS for < IE9.

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