I'm trying to build the gtfs_editor project by following the instructions on the given page.

But, while executing the command play run the log at localhost:9000 says Compilation error The file /app/controllers/Check.java could not be compiled. Error raised is : The type Check is already defined

Has anyone gone through this problem before?

I'm working on play framework -,


I have a fully functional, open source, freely hosted, GTFS editor called Gee here


It is a fully functional GTFS editor that supports collaborative work on a freely hosted platform. The code is on github and is freely available. I am trying to locate everyone currently involved in providing GTFS solutions in order to provide a front facing GTFS production facility for public use.

I tried, for several months, to get gtfs_editor to work and to locate the authors. I failed on both counts. It seems to be unable to upload arbitrary GTFS, only ones it created, It does not enable editing of the entire GTFS schema.

  • Late update: The code is available at github.com/mark-lester/Stretchsoft/tree/master/Gee. The linked homepage does not respond anymore. – AndreJ Jan 1 '17 at 10:48
  • Hi everyone, yeah chalo doesnt work. I have something on wikitmetable.com and code at github.com/mark-lester/Gemini I spent all of last yearon osne other futile project/ I am about to spend a few months playing on Indian trains but if there is anyone out there who believes in the need for something called wikitimetable please say hello – Mark Lester Jan 2 '17 at 13:22

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