I have lat log values available in degree format, i donot know how to access raster maps using c#, and how to plot accurately.

which libraries should i use and what are the controls avialable ,i am using visual studio 2010 ultimate edition. There are controls available for vector maps in which one can zoom ,pan and plot the given coordinates accurately etc etc, but i have a georeferenced raster map with 4000*5000 resolution, i have done tiling with the map,each tile is of 256*256 resolution i need some source code or a manual to use the raster map to develop a navigation app and to plot the location accuraetly on the map, thanks


Codeplex should be your first start. SharpMap is on NuGet which will be accessable from your IDE.

The link is this: http://sharpmap.codeplex.com/

The framework is adaptable, but you might need to dive into the code a little to tune what you need.

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