Is there any way that I can divide the below image into different areas?

Just like a Google Map, where you can see the country borders.

I am using ArcMap 10.0.

enter image description here

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If your image is just a single polygon then it's unlikely you'll be able to just 'split' it into countries as it may not have this spatial information attached to it.

Your best option is probably to try and obtain shapefiles of individual country outlines and georeference / superimpose these on your image.


If you just want a background like in Google Earth, you can click on the little black arrow next to the "add layer" button and select "add basemap", then you can choose , e.g., "light grey Canvas".

If you need the polygons for analysis, you can download Administrative areas here (GADM) and more resources are to be found here(Free GIS data list by R. Wilson)

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