I want to try to make a simple 3D map for a small area (10 square miles) with some housing, some roads and some vegetation on it. My geodata is as follows:

  • shapes with houses/roads/vegetation.
  • LIDAR point cloud data over the area (can easily be built to a dem).
  • georeferenced aerial image.

Any idea where to start to bundle these geodata together and make a neat looking 3D map?

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An idea is:

  1. Use the lidar data to classify ground and non-ground points. Then, build a Digital Elevation Model (DEM) from the ground points. Here is a way of doing it.
  2. Use the RGB values from the aerial images to color code the lidar point cloud. Here are examples showing how this can be done.

Now, it is possible to display the DEM and the color-coded point cloud in some 3D point cloud viewer (for example, take a look at this post).

  1. The shapefiles and their attribute tables could be used to provide interactive information in the graphical user interface. But this is just one idea; not sure how to implement this part.

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