I am doing some analysis for our fire rescue department where we are comparing actual response times to fires vs predicted response times.

The actual response time analysis is straight forward as I have the data and have created the charts.

The predicted response time analysis is a little trickier and what I'm a little unsure about. Essentially, we need to determine the driving distance from the closest 3 fire stations to each fire, and then determine the response time from each station to the fire driving at 40mph.

I have network analyst and can assume this is what I'll need to use (arcgis 10.1).

There are roughly 480 fires I need to do this with so I'm looking for a way to do this programatically, if possible.

Is it as easy as getting a total distance in one field and then creating another field that calculates distance x speed?

  • Do you need to account for congestion, road closures, lack of capacity? Or are you strictly calculating travel times assuming no congestion and nothing bad is going to happen?
    – dassouki
    Mar 6, 2015 at 12:35

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if you have Network analyst, you can use "OD cost matrix". Your case is indeed quite simple because the time is directly proportional to the travelled distance.

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