I have a large trajectory dataset generated by cars' GPS. Since I will do some data mining work on them, I need an efficient way to store and index them. I read some papers about Trajectory Indexing (Computing with Spatial Trajectories, by Yu Zheng and Xiaofeng Zhou, Microsoft research Asia), 3D R-tree, TB-tree(Trajectory-Bundle tree), SETI(Scalable and Efficient Trajectory Index) were proposed to solve this problem. But it is quite difficult to implement them. Is there any implementation on this problem?
I am not quite familiar with POSTGIS. It has R-tree, but trajectories have a "time" dimension. Could I expand postGis to index trajectories? How?
Truely grateful for all anyone's help!

1,2000 taxis' trajectories for one month. About 50GB. latitude,longtitude,time. I need to search for trajectories of regions during anytime, and so on.

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