I'm using the indexed nearest neighbor search to return the closest points to a given starting location. My points also have attributes like color and shape, stored as strings. I want each query to only return the closest point for each type of point.

So if my points were, in order of distance to my starting location:

  • red square
  • red square
  • red circle
  • orange square
  • blue circle

The query for the four closest points would return:

  • the closest red square
  • red circle
  • orange square
  • blue circle

I tried using DISTINCT but it's asking to give the DISTINCT column in the ORDER BY and I haven't had success in doing that.

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Here is a nice quick solution,

    SELECT color_column, shape_column FROM table_name GROUP BY color_column, shape_column
   SELECT other_column 
   FROM table_name 
      color_column = c.color_column AND
      shape_column = c.shape_column 
   ORDER BY the_geom <-> starting_geom 
   LIMIT 1
  ) other  
  • Thanks. That'll get me results for distinct colors but I'm interested in getting distinct color and shape combinations. I've edited the question to flesh out that distinction with the red circle example. I tried adding a second WITH clause and an AND to the conditional but I get syntax error near c. I'm confused as to how c is getting defined.
    – mhkeller
    Dec 29, 2013 at 0:27
  • I've edited my result. You can group by whatever number of columns you want distinct answers for. The 'c' alias was from something like "SELECT * FROM table_name c", where I aliased the table name, I've removed it just to avoid confusion. Dec 29, 2013 at 21:10

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