I've created a Add-In button that says "Hello World" when clicked. I want to add button to a toolbar.

I've tried creating my own "Category" in the Add-In wizard, no success. I've also accepted the default "Category" called "Add-Ins", no success.

The Add-In appears to load but is not assigned to a visible "Category". So, I can't use it.

I've run the Add-In via Visual Studio, Installed via the ESRI ArcGIS Add-In Installation Utility, and loaded the file via the Customize / Customize Mode / Commands.

What is the issue? Do I need to enable Add-Ins or turn on an extension?

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    Please post the Config.esriaddinx contents. It might make it easier figure out what's going on. Commented Apr 5, 2011 at 23:23

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Try to use the following code in your Config.esriaddinx:

  <AddIn language="CLR" library="Your_addin.dll" namespace="Your_addin">
        <Button id="Your_addin_Button" class="LaunchButton" message="" caption="Button" tip="" category="Add-In Controls" image="Images\Search.png" />
        <Toolbar id="Your_YourToolbar" caption="YourToolbar">
            <Button refID="Your_addin_Button" />

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