I just install opengeo suite (boundless) in my machine and try to explore it. I followed the instruction in user manual and I encountered a problem. In "Load your data with GeoExplorer" part, after clicking the plus sign, I did not find the upload layers option like the user manual said.

The only option is "add layers", no "upload layers".

Can anyone help me and tell me what happens here?

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    Is GeoServer running on the local machine? You can check it manually or check if "Local GeoServer" is available as a layer source. If not it means GeoExplorer can't communicate with GeoServer on the same host and port it is on. – jdeolive Jan 6 '14 at 16:29

Please make sure you're using OpenGeo Suite version 4.0.2. In 4.0.1 the upload option was temporarily removed.

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