Can I import WCS-Data only for the current region by r.in.gdal?

I tried to import raster data from my WCS into GRASS GIS, using r.in.gdal as proposed in http://grasswiki.osgeo.org/wiki/Global_datasets#OGC_WCS_-_Albedo_example .

Then I added an BBOX definition to the XML file as follows:


However, r.in.gdal just starts to load the whole dataset in 2MB chunks, ignoring my BBOX argument. r.in.gdal also lacks a -r option, what would be even better.

Altough, when I try to manually download my region extent with a browser, it works well and I get the wanted GeoTiff file for my extent:


Background: I have large raster files (12 x 1 GB, erosion risk data of CH http://s.geo.admin.ch/bb8ef7c7f) with overlapping areas. Instead of patching everything together with r.patch (did work well for 2 rasters, less for >10...), I want to get only the area of interest per WCS (Mapserver 6.4.0).

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It perhaps depends more on the server than GDAL (BTW: you can also use r.external in order to register the external data source).

Please collect your findings on the new Wiki page: http://grasswiki.osgeo.org/wiki/WCS

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