I am looking for some advice on how to approach a problem I am having. I am looking to build an ArcGIS webmap using JavaScript and HTML 5 that reacts to a user panning on two separate, synchronous maps.

Modest Maps provides an excellent example of Loading Two Maps and Synching Their Panning that helps visualize what I need to do. However, I need to accomplish the Loading Two Maps and Synching Their Panning with ArcMap products.

The Overview dijit in Arcmap seems to be capturing the essence of what I am trying accomplishing. However, the overview dijit in the widget overviewmap seems to react rather then pan synchronously.

The dijit css feeds into this map and can be used as a resource if needed. I couldn't find anything in it that would accomplish synchronous panning.

I am open to any ArcGIS suite methodology to accomplish the same as the Modest Maps look and feel.

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You could try something like this:

esriConfig.defaults.map.panDuration = 0;

dojo.connect(map1, "onPan", onPan);
function onPan(extent, delta) {

This will add an event onPan of the first map and update the second map to the same extent.

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