I have a shapefile of all US States that I've imported into a table with a multipolygon geometry column. (SRID 4326)

I perform a spatial query based on lat/lon to return the state abbreviation. This normally works just fine. Today a query came in for Hawaii and the query returned nothing. So naturally I opened the table up in QGIS and queried the point's coordinates. Sure enough it returned the correct result. I clicked identify and it most certainly had the correct attributes.

The query I'm using is:

SELECT states.state_abbr FROM states WHERE st_contains(states.geom, ST_SetSRID(ST_MakePoint(-159.717,21.933), 4326)) 

Does anything look wrong with that query? I tried st_intersects as well.

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Sounds like the point just isn't in the polygon.

WITH pt AS ( SELECT ST_SetSRID(ST_MakePoint(-159.717,21.933), 4326) AS geom )
SELECT ST_Distance(states.geom, pt.geom) FROM states, pt 
WHERE states.abbr = 'HI';

And Google seems to think so too. It's close, but it's not in.


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