This bit of information caught my eye today as I was reading about Feature Services in the ArcGIS Server .NET help:

Feature services also support HTML pop-ups setup in ArcMap. HTML pop-ups are a powerful and easy way to share HTML formatted information about features. They work much like the Identify tool, except that the information display can be customized HTML.

I set up the HTML popup in ArcMap and it worked as expected, and then I published a map service. The REST endpoint of my service now shows esriServerHTMLPopupTypeAsURL as the HTML Popup Type, however, I can't seem to find a sample, etc. that shows how to display the popup in a web application.

Does anyone have a link to a sample, or some sample code, that can show me how to do this? I have looked through the JavaScript API samples/reference and didn't find what I was looking for (or what I thought I should be looking for).

Thanks, Tim

Edit: Thanks to those who supplied answers for the links. I think I need to re-phrase the question: I'm not having problems getting the popup to display - that is working fine. My HTML popup type is set as PopupTypeAsURL, so I was expecting the popup to display the contents of the URL, say http://whateversite.com. Essentially I want the popup to display a web page or web form. Is this possible?

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FeatureServers expose an htmlPopup resource for each feature. Displaying the popup using Javascript would be very easy. Simply send a get request with a format parameter of "json." The "content" key in the returned object contains the full HTML markup for the popup window.

The see an HTML popup example, go to http://sampleserver3.arcgisonline.com/ArcGIS/rest/services/Hydrography/Watershed173811/FeatureServer/1/1/htmlPopUp

To see the JSON version of the same popup resource, go to http://sampleserver3.arcgisonline.com/ArcGIS/rest/services/Hydrography/Watershed173811/FeatureServer/1/1/htmlPopUp?f=json

You might also consider the InfoWindow dijit in the Javascript framework API. This window gives you a configurable way to display attribute information for features loaded from a FeatureService and it works with the IdentifyTask which is a plus. Be aware, however, that the IdentifyWindow does not look at the htmlPopup that you have configured for a feature class.


I have these links too, but for flex:



That should demonstrate what you need to do.



Hope that helps.

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