i have wms layer with coming geoserver and it's bounds is

 bounds = new OpenLayers.Bounds(417138.6205791628, 4243634.852681775, 486211.1950145211, 4331542.555877601).transform(WGS84, WGS84_google_mercator);

but when i use google baselayer, in the opening map it shows me full extends how can i transform my bound with harmonic google. ?


Your transform goes from WGS84 to mercator. However, the coordinates of your bounds are not in WGS84 (a geographic coordinate system , with lat/long in degrees). Maybe your coordinates are already in mercator, or you should try to identify the correct coordinate system of your source before projecting the data.


i add projection: WGS84_google_mercator on map it s works also

var position = new OpenLayers.LonLat(3947950.0553875, 4679507.9024374);

map.setCenter(position, 10);

i used for bounds

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