I am having issues importing an SRTM HGT file into Grass. I first made a new location as the instructions from this Grass Newsletter Tutorial states. I then went to the download site and downloaded the file to my desktop. Inside GRASS, I went to

File > Import raster data > SRTM HGT import [r.in.srtm]

I choose the filename of the .hgt.zip file and remove the extension .hgt.zip (as the instructions say).

The statement looks like this:

r.in.srtm input=C:\Users\Joe\Desktop\N47E007  

The following is the output that I'm getting:

Extracting 'C:\Users\Joe\Desktop\N47E007'...
Converting input file to BIL...
mv: cannot stat `C:\\Users\\Joe\\Desktop\\N47E007.hgt': No
such file or directory
ERROR 4: `C:\Users\Joe\Desktop\N47E007.bil' does not exist
in the file system,
and is not recognised as a supported dataset name.
rmdir: C:\Users\Joe\Documents\grassdata/demolocation/PERMANE
NT/.tmp/8120.0: Directory not empty
ERROR: Unable to import data

At the beginning of the script, the file is definitely there because the program recognizes it and starts converting it. Once it produces an error, I notice the file has been moved to another directory


What can I do to fix this problem? Thanks!


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You need to unzip the zip file, not rename it. Then it will work.

As per gene's suggestion, see also the GRASS Wiki article: GRASS GIS: HOWTO import SRTM elevation data.

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