I'm using cartodb for a project. I read the documentation yet I can't find a solution. Indeed, I need to be able to see the name of a node (which is on the name field of the bdd) without clicking on. Is that possible ?

And I have another question. In the search box, is that possible to look for one of our node ?

Thanks a lot

Sincerely A.H


You can label your features on your maps using either the CartoDB wizards or by adding a simple set of CartoCSS rules to your visualization like the ones below:

#your_table_name::labels {
  text-name: [your_column_name];
  text-placement: point;
  text-face-name: 'DejaVu Sans Book';
  text-size: 11;
  text-fill: #000;
  text-halo-fill: #FFF;
  text-halo-radius: 1;
  text-dy: -10;
  text-allow-overlap: true;
  text-placement-type: dummy;
  text-label-position-tolerance: 0;

About the search box, is a feature that is proposed but it's not implemented yet. By implementing your map with CartoDB.js you could do a workaround quite easy by querying the BBDD to get the lat/lon of your feature and then moving the map to those coordinates.

good luck!

  • Thanks a lot! I will try soon. For the search box, it's not so much important so I will see what I could do (I'm not really a power user of js currently) but I will try. Thanks Have a nice day – user3141597 Jan 16 '14 at 8:15

To add to saleiva's response, yes with CartoDB.js it seems like nothing is impossible. To get you started, I know of one good example that uses a column of names to populate an autofill search, http://bl.ocks.org/javisantana/7932459

When you select your name, you could also parse the lat/lng of the data.

  • Thanks, I will try and see what I can do with that :-) Have a nice day – user3141597 Jan 16 '14 at 8:17

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