I am trying to move my plugin from QGIS 1.8 to QGIS2.0. However, the gdal module cannot use under QGIS2.0.
I try to use Python console, typing:

    import gdal  #it's OK
    gdal.GetDriverByName( 'GTiff' ) # dosen't work, got an AttributeError

But the 'smart spelling' give 'GetDriverByName' attribute.(and has 'two'?! one for method and another one for attribute?? )
I also typing:


But No these methods or attributes found

What can I do?? Please help me.

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You need to use:

import osgeo.gdal

Doing import gdal returns the gdal module in the processing toolbox.

  • Thanks, I use import osgeo.gdal as gdal in my script, then it works.
    – SCKU
    Jan 15, 2014 at 13:55

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