I'm providing INSPIRE metadata and services and I want them in more languages than one. I expect that most users are locals, but some users are definitely from other European countries. Therefore I want to support national language and English. In metadata documents, I have used gmd:PT_FreeText_PropertyType, but GetCapabilities file follows other XSD schemas (WMS or WFS, according to the service).

Do you know about some possibilities of adding additional language to GetCapabilities document?


It's possible using MapServer to provide multi-lingual variants of all titles and abstracts in a GetCapabilities response.



Is the server that should provide different capabilities document according to a language parameter. You cannot solve the multilanguage problem using the PT_Freetext parameter, especially because clients do not expect to read that tag to find relevant information. The same problem stands for metadata: multilanguage metadata means that textual fields should be duplicated for each language and that the CSW server must respond with the requested language record.

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