I've got a ~500M shapefile I'd like to place where it is publicly accessible and can be found via search. Specifically this dataset is the Bernalillo County, NM assessor parcel and tax database, which would be of some interest to others, but it way too large for GeoCommons. I'd prefer a geo-data repository site rather than a generic file repository (eg, RapidShare and the like).


You can use NextGIS cloud (nextgis.com) for publishing your files. After publishing the file can be shared as:

  • GeoJSON
  • WFS-T service

And also you can create a numerous web maps using this shape file and different styles.

Read the docs or watch the videos about nextgis.com features.

enter image description here

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I would just use the free services like Google Drive or Amazon with a front end webpage on one of the free website services. Next option if it was part of a project would be on the dataverse (it is somewhat geoenabled). Finally, I think this is within the ArcGIS online free level allowable size (but truthfully I never really know with AGOL).

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QGIS Cloud is a powerful platform for publishing maps, data, and services on the internet. With QGIS Cloud Free, all maps published on the internet are freely accessible by anyone, at zero cost.

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