I have basic question on how to start a project with QGIS. There are two kinds of users, and they are supposed to sign in (Login in) before they start using so that depending on the user type the QGIS interface and plug-ins will be presented to them. So basically there are two different QGIS interfaces. So my questions are:

  • Is there any way I can add a login interface before QGIS starts?
  • Can we customize the QGIS in different ways so that different users can have access to different QGIS interface and plug-in?

After login the first user is supposed to do editing, and can save it on a local disk to continue later. But after some certain button is clicked, the process continue to the second user whose main job is to approve the edited features done by the second user. If approved, the newly edited data is committed to a database. If not the it will be reverted back to the first user with some comments.

  • Is there any way that such a process can be implemented in QGIS? Would WPS be any help?
  • If there is a need in the process to change one format to another, could we use the GDAL/OGR library?

I heard and most examples that I come across show how to convert formats with GDAL/OGR using command line.

  • Is there any possible way you could use the API in your code? Like with in your WPS code or inside QGIS?

I am guessing some of my questions may not give sense since I am all new to open source based GIS programming, but I would really be grateful for any kind of help.

You be cool!

  • I think the kind of customization I'm looking has to be done in the QGIS core, right? Any kind of help would be great. Just drop whatever you think might be helpful even if off the topic. Thanks! – user25862 Jan 19 '14 at 20:25

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