I am a very new user of any GIS. In QGIS I have input my UTM data as a CSV file. Under Vector -> Analysis Tools -> Distance Matrix, I have been able to create a distance matrix but it just takes one point and calculates the distance to each other point. I want the distance between all possible points. Is there a simple way to do this?

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Late post but what you mentioned should yield you distances from each point to every other point.

I did a quick test by importing points from a CSV via Add Delimited Text Layer.... I then saved this as a shapefile. This is probably what happened to you, if you do not save it then it will only take the last point of the attribute table to analyse. Here is a screenshot of my attributes:

Point layer example

I then selected the same layer when running the Distance Matrix tool:

Distance matrix

And here is my final result, I dragged the csv file to the QGIS interface:

Attribute result

Hope this helps (although you probably forgot about this question!)

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