I need to label only the latest feature in a particular feature class. I actually would like to automate it, so that when I will add any new feature to this feature class, the label will automatically be assigned to the latest one. Could anyone please help me with line of code?

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    Since you are adding a feature, it will have the highest FID. Accordingly, all you should need to do is get the number of features (possibly subtracting 1). – Paul Jan 17 '14 at 2:02
  • Using ArcGIS 10.1 – Pushkar Jan 17 '14 at 5:57
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    What type of geodatabase is your feature class stored in? Please use the edit button beneath your Question to revise it with this detail. – PolyGeo Jan 17 '14 at 6:02
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    you could use a TOP 1 query on a second layer based on the FID. see gis.stackexchange.com/questions/53948/… (DESC to reverse the sorting) – radouxju Jan 17 '14 at 8:17

Pushkar, I have done the following to answer this question using OBJECTID in a File Geodatabase and it works for me: Within the labeling tab in the layer properties - choose method of Define classes of features and label each class differently Then within the SQL use the following:

"OBJECTID" = (SELECT MAX("OBJECTID") FROM feature_class_name)

Then you can just set your label field to the field you want and only the largest OBJECTID will label.

  • @Pushkar if that works for you - please click the check mark beside my answer. Thanks! – dklassen Jan 23 '14 at 23:44

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