I am working on a project, and need to know if it is at all likely in most of the world that there can be two streets in a city with the same name, in the same country, but in two different locations.

Eg. Example Street, Chicago, USA & Example Street, Chicago, USA. These would be different streets. It doesn't matter to me if they have different address numbers on them.

Is this likely in the USA or Europe?

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    Quite possible....Portland Oregon and Portland Maine ... are there two Main streets? – user681 Jan 18 '14 at 19:40
  • What about something like "Main St" and "Main Rd"? Are you referring to just the street name or also its suffix? – Matt Jan 18 '14 at 19:51

Just about anything is possible in street naming. You can get duplicate streets, streets that are unique because of the direction they travel (e.g. lots of streets in Washington DC), numbers for the same street that reset when you cross into different areas.

Personal example - trying to find a hotel at 2am (after flights from Australia via Sydney, LAX and JFK): 35 Middlesex Turnpike, Billerica, Massachusetts, 01821-3936, USA . But the bit of Middlesex Turnpike you need for that Hotel isn't actually in Billerica - its in Bedford. Its such a common problem that the hotel's website (now) tells you to use Bedford...

Wikipedia on Boston road names: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transportation_in_Boston#Road_infrastructure and how this problem occurs.

Examples from Ottowa (that were corrected): http://ottawa.ca/en/residents/laws-licenses-and-permits/building-and-renovating/e

Deptford duplication: http://articles.philly.com/1994-02-07/news/25858602_1_house-fire-postal-address-emergency


Quite certain that this happend somehwere in the world, specially when it comes to larger cities. Though then officials probably make sure that the streets fall into different postal codes.


Not exactly pertaining to the specificity you have outlined though: I live on a ”Road” which is 9km in length & extends through 8 different suburbs. The numbers 1 - 200 have been used @ both ends of the road so despite being in different suburbs & therefore having different Zip codes, there are multiple locations on the same street with the same number.

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