I need to build a tablet application using ArcGIS Runtime for Windows Mobile. Is there a way to create a mobile project usable by the ArcGIS for Mobile app without having to use the Mobile Project Center?

I need to be able, with a single click, to generate a shapefile (or pgdb), convert it to a mobile cache and be able to generate a mobile project out of it.


Create Mobile Cache (Mobile)

This tool creates a mobile cache with a map schema and GIS data for Mobile Project Center (MPC), a component of the ArcGIS for Windows Mobile product, to build a mobile project. Using the map document's current full extent, this tool generates a mobile cache from an input map document. The output is a folder using the map document name as its folder name, a mobile cache containing a map schema, the GIS data, and associated attachments folder (if available).


  • That's good, but this creates only the mobile cache needed to create a mobile project, not the project itself as the Mobile Project Center app does – Goldorak84 Jan 22 '14 at 14:16

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