A while ago I made a CartoDB/Torque animation that displayed hours and minutes while playing. Sujay v. helped me out with the code here:


Essentially I changed some lines in the torque.js file as below:

torque.clock.set('<span id="month">' + date_arry[0] + ' ' + date_arry[1] + ', </span> <span id="year">' + date_arry[2] + ' ' + date_arry[3] + '</span>');

However I've come back to needing to do something similar, and the torque.js file has changed alot and I can't figure out how to implement something similar now. Would someone be able to advise? The source code is here:


Apologies I can't do this myself. I'm pretty good at SQL and GIS, but lacking the .js skills. :-(



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It's pretty easy, torque provides bindings to get the animation time:

        // each time time changes, change:time is raised
        // changes.time contains the Date objects
        torqueLayer.on('change:time', function(changes) {
          var month_year = changes.time.toString().substr(4).split(' ');
          $('.mytimedisplay').text(month_year[0] + " - " + month_year[2]);

The code is from here: https://github.com/CartoDB/torque/blob/master/index.html#L266

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